EnCore Exporter

Encore Exporter exports LUNAR BMD and body composition data from any GE LUNAR Prodigy
database to an Excel file.

Encore Exporter is an easy-to-use tool that lets you export GE Prodigy BMD and Body Composition data from an enCore lunar.mdb database, to a Microsoft Excel-compatible CSV file; From there, saving to an .xls or .xlsx is a one-step process. Exports of this sort are often useful when conducting research using bone densitometry data.

Capacitor is a DICOM Gateway router that receives studies from any DICOM modality, stores them temporarily, and then, when possible, delivers them to one or more PACSs.

How does it worK?

How does it?

The user interface allows:

The exported data contains one exam record per data row, with regions and body composition attributes separated into columns.

Under the hood

Please download a copy from our file downloads section if you would like to evaluate Encore Export with your own database; a ten-row limit on the export file is imposed prior to purchase.

Basic specifications

System requirements

Combobulator sits between your device and the EMR:

Reseller discounts available!



Reseller discounts available!

Download an evaluation of EnCore Exporter from our store.

Download an evaluation of DICOM Capacitor from our store.​

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