Perfect HL7 reports made simple.

Combobulator is a gateway that converts DICOM measurements and data into perfectly formatted HL7 reports.

EMR, now what?

Now what?

EMR and dictation platforms are a great place to build reports. However, using them for this purpose creates some challenges:

These are a set of realities faced by a significant number of clinicians and managers; Driving many to mistakenly “bite the bullet” and ask their EMR vendor to engage in costly one-off projects, thereby creating a long-term support challenge

What is the impact on the technologist

There are many ways that technologists can be positively impacted, some of them include:

We can help

(Way) back in 2011 we were approached by a number of instrument vendors to help solve exactly this challenge for their clients. The happy fruit of this joint effort are a number of products, one of which is the Combobulator. This marvel of efficient design is able to:

Combobulator can do this for many brands of instruments. It’s both our specialty and our pleasure to ensure yours is on the list.

How does it work?

Combobulator sits between your device and the EMR:

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Download an evaluation of Combobulator from our store.

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