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DICOM Capacitor

New and super-reliable store-and-forward DICOM router.

DICOM Printer 2

Send anything to PACS and print x-rays to film.


Import any DICOM CD, USB or folder to PACS

DICOM Gobbler

Import any DICOM CD, USB or folder to PACS

About Us

Commencing our operations as a consultancy in the diagnostic imaging and data mining sector, Flux Inc. builds on an exciting 10 year history. Though our focus on development of medical applications continues to this day, we have recently expanded in to the larger enterprise web and web-based media fields.

Sporting a world-class team of DICOM and HL7 specialists, Flux Inc. develops standards compliant and highly optimized electronic health records applications. We hate paper as much as our clients do, and we work tirelessly to eliminate it from every organization we have the pleasure of serving.

At Flux Inc, we build highly specialised web-based solutions to virtually every process management problem imaginable. We employ strict adherence to security standards, strong layer separation, and only massively tested current technologies. Our team of database specialists, front end developers, designers and experts in mathematics, machine learning, and advanced processing techniques create a little miracle for every project.

Our clients

We have over 3,000 customers worldwide, over 300 active resellers, and a proven track record of providing reliable clinical workflows.

North America: Active in over 500 radiology facilities, vendor relationships with customers such as SIEMENS, Philips, GE and Newman Medical.

Latin America: Active in more than 2,000 radiology centers, with extensive presence in dental radiography printing and PACS.

Asia: Active in almost 500 radiology centers and in partnership with several ultrasound and x-ray suppliers.

Europe: Numerous vendor partnerships, including Acteon, which asked us to create a DICOM layer for its award-winning WhiteFox cone beam CT instrument.

Oceania: Almost 100 radiology centers that store CT in PACS using our tools.

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We´ve helped thousands of professionals to better their workflows. From leading medical instrument manufacturers to small clinics, we have a solution.


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